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An interesting challenge is invented by alib. Everyone in the site will know what they ate. Whether we eat healthy. Hahaha.

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There is no richer dish than kapma! Kapama is a sumptuous winter dish prepared with many different kinds of meat, rich in taste and aroma. Capa is a typical winter dish, because the main ingredient in the recipe for kapma is the sour cabbage. Capa is a dish that often appears on the Christmas Festive Table because of its rich taste. Capama is a typical dish for the Macedonian region, the most popular option being Bansko Kapama, which is prepared in Bansko. Of course, as a typical representative of the Bulgarian national cuisine and the recipe for kapama there are variations, but all recipes for kapma, whether it is called Banska kapma or just kapama, follow some rules. Capa must contain sour cabbage, rice and several types of meat. Apart from the fact that kapma is such a tasty dish, it has another undisputed plus. Like all recipes prepared in a bowl, the kapama is very easy to prepare and is also suitable for the beginner chefs.

1. The first step of the recipe for kapama is the preparation of the products. Leave the outer 5-6 leaves of the cabbage whole, and the rest of the cabbage cut into thin. Wash the rice and drain it out of the water. Wash the red beet, peel it and cut it into cubes. Cut the meat into large pieces, such as small steaks, and cut the chicken in two. If you use a homemade chicken you can do it in 4 parts. Salt and sprinkle the meat with a little pepper. The slice is cut into thin strips

2. On the bottom of a large clay pigeon, put 2-3 strips of lutein and half of the remaining whole cabbage leaves. Place a row of finely sliced cabbage, ½ of red beet cubes, ½ of rice and sprinkle with half of the spices. You order a few lentils, ½ of the meat and ½ of the raw sausage, and the middle and ½ chicken. On the top, re-rotate all other ingredients in layers, do not miss out and add spices. Finally, turn everything up with the rest of the whole cabbage leaves. Sprinkle with red wine and 1 cup of cabbage juice.

3. Put the goulash in a cold oven in order not to burst! Once the cowl is already in the oven, put it in high degrees until it boils, then lower the oven to 160 degrees and let it bake for about 5 hours.

It is best to pour the entire contents of the cove into a large pan before serving. Cut the sausage and bake the chicken. Thus, serving in every portion the capa you will put everything.

The recipe for the capa is done!

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