Vegan Festive Thanksgiving Leftovers

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tonight’s festive holiday vegan dinner consisted of vegan ham roll with a vegan apricot plum glaze, in which I used as a dip. It came in a frozen package box, in which I left in the refrigerator all day, and then I defrosted it and cooked it via the microwave oven. The glaze is tasty, similar to a festive holiday jam. And the vegan ham tasted like a pink-colored and soft tofu. Then, I made a cup of vegan hot cacao with vegan mini marshmallows. After pouring the hot cacao into a mug, I added some homemade vegan almond milk for a creamy and nutty flavor.

While going around to different malls during this Black Friday Weekend, I noticed that many people looked like they were shopping for Christmas. At The District mall, one car had a pine tree tied on top of the car, while other people were shopping for holiday decorations, Christmas dinners, holiday parties, and gifts for friends and family.

On Black Friday’s evening hike, I noticed many homes had colorful lights and holiday decorations on their front lawn and the front of their house. The bright and colorful lights looked good during the nighttime dark hours, similar to the colorful lights and decorations during Halloween.

I added my snapshot of the Sandman decor at the Spectrum Center mall, or better known as the Tropical Snowman. Cali autumn and winters are all about surfing, swimming, jacuzzing, skateboarding, rollerblading, and other water sports as well as building a Sandman and a Pumpkinman.


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