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Who is That Mystery Gingerbread Man?

Perhaps this information will shock you that the bread part of gingerbread is not related to the leavened and baked food. The English predecessor of the word was gingebred, and it referred to a kind of gingery paste as a medicinal preparation and also in cookery. 

Gingerbread was borrowed from Medieval French gingembrat a type of gingembre, “ginger.” The bread part of the modern form came about by folk etymology, which is the process of changing unusual words to resemble more familiar words. The name gingerbread began to be used in the 15th century for cakes, cookies, and bread that were associated with the modern word. 

The world’s largest gingerbread pirate ship stands in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Amelia Island, Florida. This 17-foot long boat was put together by a team of eight pastry chefs who used more than 600 pieces of gingerbread. The boat even has an edible fondant crew on board!


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