Small Crabs in the House

Summer season is the best weather condition for the people in the local provinces. They will have the time of having a picnic in the riverside. Most of them have the time to swim in the river and practice the skill of catching small crabs. It is also added up to the food in the picnic.

Catching small crabs are not easy as compared to the bigger ones. It takes a lot of patience while looking for them in the provinces’ rivers. The water is not that clear enough to see them. In time, they can have the seafood from the river and boiled with a sprinkle of water in the cooking pan. It wasn’t delicate to prepare the best food for the picnic.

Most local people loved to eat this on the 1st day of May, it is a labor day. Most of them wanted to have a getaway with the family and riverside is the best place venue. It doesn’t need to go to the beaches for those who are near in riverbanks.

Of course, eating small crabs should be eaten moderately especially for those hypertensive people. We cannot eat despite loving the small crabs. The level of cholesterol is too high and can spike up the blood pressure. As they said, we need to consume food with limitations. It doesn’t need to burn oneself so hard because of food. We are the one who can control the food and not the vice-versa.

There are so many ways to catch small crabs. Most of them are living in the holes of the riverbank. Some local people can use some tools to catch them. A perfect family bonding to catch or try to have some reward with small crabs in the net. You can have side dishes that will come along with the small crabs.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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