Chilling at the Park

I had my morning coffee at around 8:19 am, which was when i actually fully woken up and started my day.

I went to the walking group meetup at 2:30 pm, and I finished my infused water with lemon slices while waiting for the others to show up.There was a nice breeze today, unlike Friday’s humidity and heat wave but it was still around 91 degrees. Around 4 pm, a group met at a picnic area, where we snacked on potluck food. Then, we went to the Concert at the Park, and watched a Smith Band perform. Some people got up and danced. I just lounged. Then, I felt dehydrated. I went to one of the food trucks and bought a tall drink of Strawberry/Lemonade. It was good and refreshing. The weather was nice and breezy. I was just chilling and chatting with different people around me. The concert ended at 8 pm, and as I was driving home, I noticed the time was 8:19 pm. Interesting coincidence for today…

The music was mostly country music.

I returned home and made another cup of Affogato Al Caffe. I am always thirsty this week. I refilled my infused water container and kept it in the fridge.


What do you think?