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Sampling some Asian Snacks

Monday, July 22, 2019 

At around 7:30 pm, I decided to go for my evening walk in my neighborhood. First, I went across the street to a new Asian snack store because I wanted to try their snacks. I looked for something that has natural ingredients as well as without caffeine. So, I finally chose a bag of marinated chestnuts and a jelly drink.

The chestnuts were easy to peel and soft, as well as tasty. I enjoyed eating all the chestnuts in the bag. 

It is a product of China. 

Then, I decided to drink the jelly drink in a pouch. I chose grape flavor.

It was tasty and fun to drink and eat, kind of like a kids’ drink.

This product is from Korea.

I continued my walk in my neighborhood, occasionally stopping to watch rabbits, squirrels, and monarch butterflies on my way as well as people walking their dog. 


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