Not All Food Can Be Stored in the Fridge

We tend to make all the food stay in good condition as much as possible and the fridge is always the option. However, not all types of food needed to be stored in the fridge. The wrong notion is to keep the food stays freshness, but it wasn’t. There is some situation that we need to check our list of what kind of food should be put in the fridge.

Recently, the Good Housekeeping Institute conducted a research in regards to what kind of food should be frozen in the fridge. Based on their research, some food had changed its condition if being frozen or cool it in the fridge

These are the list of food that cannot be stored in the fridge:

1. Bread

It is not a good idea for the bread to put in the fridge. The reason, it dries the and spoils the freshness of the bread. It is far better to store them in an open air like a doggy bag.

2. Coffee

Some coffee drinkers like to put it in a cool place especially in the fridge. Coffee is like a charcoal that absorbs the smell of other foods in the cool storage. It is desirable to use a coffee airtight container.

3. Tomatoes

If tomatoes are being cool for a long time. It fades the tasty juice of this if staying in a fridge for a period of time. It can easily be crashed if it is in a mushy structure.

4. Cake

Some cakes cannot store in the fridge. If they do, it will firm the total physical structure. It is better to check how it was being made before storing a cake in the fridge. Wherein, real creams ingredient will not spoil the taste.

There are other things that cannot be put in the fridge. We just need the physical state of the food is being cooled in the fridge. We don’t want to waste food if things went wrong due to freezing them in the refrigerator.

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  1. Very useful information! I have read such tips before, but to be honest, I store most of these things (apart from coffee, of course) in the fridge and I haven’t noticed any problems. As for bread, I always toast it, so it’s not a problem for me either.

  2. Sometimes it depends on how cool the setting is on your fridge. We have two – one is set at a lower temperature than the other, and we use the “less cool” one for storing most vegetables. This is, of course, not the same as the freezer, which we do use for storing sliced bread that can then be defrosted before being toasted.

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