No Water Pipelines In Kusumpur Pahari In South Delhi: Swaraj India Vowed To Crusade

A planned area meeting was conducted by Swaraj India as on 3rd Feb. 2018 with local people in Kusumpur Pahari village in the heart of South Delhi that comes under the Constituency of Mehrauli Assembly area. All families of this village are forced to have water from the tankers DELHI JAL BOARD due to not getting proper water pipeline for the last 40 years. In this meeting this water problem was discussed along with hundreds of house holds and house wives after which the below mentioned decisions was taken unanimously.

1-All the villagers of Kusumpur Pahari will be signed on a designed Memorandum demanding water pipelines in the area under the leadership of Local swaraj India Representative, Manoj Bhai.

2-A particular Committee will be formed immediately to solve this water problem in Kusumpur Pahari in which all the people and Swaraj India representatives  from 5 blocks of Mehrauli Vidhan Sabha Constituency.The meeting will be held in every block to unite all.

3-In the middle of this month OF February 2018 , a Designed ‘ WATER SATYAGRAHA’ will be launched by Swaraj India with the protest in a peaceful way at the ‘JAL BOARD HEAD QUARTER’ Before that the RELATED specially designed posters will be installed and  Pamphlets shall be distributed in Kusumpur Pahari and other Blocks in Mehrauli Vidhansabha Constituency.

4-After the above said  signature campaign, a local Swaraj India Unit will be  formed as was decided in this meeting.

5-In  this  meeting Swaraj India, Delhi state General Secretary Navneet Tiwari said that with the help of the local people, this battle will reach the culmination. This  meeting also was attended by Zonal President Rohani, Ward President SP Tiwari, Surendra Mehlawat, Pankaj Bhai, Devendra Jee, Manish Bhai and many members of Swaraj India.

In this regard of ‘WATER SATYAGRAHA’ when asked to one of it’s Youth Leader,Shree Dilram Kumar ,he replied that Kusumpur’s water issue is just like a raw hazard for the local people who have been struggling since a decade and the result is big zero for the lethargic Aam Aadmi Party’s Govt. in the National Capital. He again urged that Swaraj India this time will not stop it’s march of protest till the final and positive solution does come out.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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