The Promise of New India along with the socio- economic development of our KISAANS is mere a saying in Union Govt’s 2018’s Budget for which the true Farmer Leader Mr. Yogender Yadav  took up this issue and planned a ‘kisaan green paper’(Green Papers for Farmers) in this Budget of 2018-19  is nothing but just a Betrayal to the distress of farmers in India . Mr. Yadav also the National President of Swaraj India .
Thinking about kisaans(Farmers) and finding a refurbished way to open the window of Socio-economic Development for them is absolutely a First Step Towards ‘SWARAJ’ that the Real and only Farmer’s leader Shree Yogendra Yadav openly challenged this Budget only just  a day after  this 2018’s ‘KISAAN VIRODHI BUDGET’(Budget against farmer’s Interest in India).

Swaraj India is the only Political party who did dare to echo the Budget of 2018 as completely against debt ridden farmers of India for which the Party’s National President outlined the as just a Betrayal of Farmers.

The 1st part of the report as prepared and presented in a press Conference by Swaraj India in which the party mentioned categorically that all the valuable and key promises made by Mr. Modi during the last 2014’s General Election to our farmer Brothers were violated which only can be revealed after a justified and logical analysis.

Mr. Yogender Yadav led SWARAJ ABHIYAAN (A parallel Voluntary Organization formed along with the Political wing of SWARAJ INDIA by Mr. Yadav) released and launched 31 page report that laid before the Press Conference on the last Tuesday in the National Capital.

This report Titled ‘KISAAN GREEN PAPER 2018’WITH ANOTHER Subtitle termed as ‘‘4 years, 4 budgets: What has this Central Government has  delivered?’

The Report slams and does criticize the Union Budget in which this Govt. only urges the name of farmers again and again as if doing something the best till 70 years of Indian Independence but in fact nothing as such promised and needed for farmers of INDIA.

Mr. Yadav did intend to remind the Manifesto which was prepared for the farmers Wellbeing as “Productive, Scientific and Rewarding” whose ground reality now is just a Big Zero.

The report also attracts questions on the Modi government’s objective of doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022,along with  that it would necessary to an immense requirement of  increasing  of 11% per year in farmers’ incomes till that year. Instead, the report said that the story of Indian agriculture over the last four years has been one of “crisis and stagnation” for which thousands of farmers in this country of Green revolution and White revolution along with the Operation Golden Flow have been committing suicides relentlessly since 4 years of Modi led BJP Reign.

“To double real incomes in 7 years, an annual increase of 11% in real incomes (adjusted for inflation) was required starting from 2015-16. However, three years after the promise, the government has not even adopted a roadmap for doubling farm incomes. The reality of the farm sector after 4 years of the NDA government is that of continued crisis and spate of farm suicides, distress and agitations around the country,” the report urges with feeling pain for our Pillar of Socio- economic developments, our farmers.

The report also did unearth the sole truth of MSP(Minimum Support Price) for the farmers across the Country by put forwarding ,’ The promise (of increase in MSP) has been blatantly broken in the past 4 years with MSPs being kept substantially low to an extent that in many cases, they deliver negative returns. In fact, in its first year of being in power, the central government even prohibited the state governments from declaring additional bonus in MSP for their own farmers… the net income of farmers has remained either critically low or negative.”

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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