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Needle’s Found in strawberries across the Australia

A week ago, a strawberries sold in a few markets in Australia began to produce niche needles. And now the situation is that the people are worried and frightened and founding needle in strawberries in all the 6 Australian states.

After this  needles were found in the whole country, including South and West Australia. A 21-year-old teen swallowed needle, which was taken to the hospital. Australian authorities have called it to the public while declaring it as agricultural and commercial terrorism and advise the citizens that they should cut strawberry and eat after make sure thee is no needle in it, and the  government has declared a million Australian dollars for the news and responsibility of the matter.

So Far No reason for this ‘terrorist terrorism’ has come forward and neither has the purpose of doing so. Due to this issue, Strawberry Farmers have take back the Strawberry Packet from Market and at Strawberry market there metal detector installed to check packet properly and restore the public confidence.

According to Queensland Farmers, probably the needle packers employee’s have done this job due they are angry at something. Whatever is the reason is , but now people are not buying strawberry, and  also have stopped export of Strawberry.

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