My Thanksgiving 2017

Thursday, 11.23.17, Thanksgiving Day 2017

I woke up early today to eat my breakfast, feed Gumby, and get ready for a Thanksgiving Day morning hike at 9 am. I work my fuzzy zebra print pajama pants, black tee, and red sweatshirt as well as my red slouchy beanie because it is usually cool in the morning hours. When I arrived at the location, which is local, I noticed that most of the men were wearing shorts. It was getting sunny and warm quickly, and I decided to take off my knit scarf. But I kept my slouchy beanie on because I need to henna my gray soon. About 95 people showed up, although about 102 people signed up for this hike, we walked on a paved trail for joggers and cyclists, surrounded by native plants and cacti. Some people brought their dogs along on the hike. It kind of looked like a desert area or country roads. Everyone was walking at a different pace, and I was chatting with someone that my pace slowed down. We finished the hike at 11:30 am, and a lot of people hung out by Starbucks for a while before everyone started to disperse in different direction. I was chatting with the same woman, and we discussed meeting each other at the Spectrum Center Black Friday event at midnight, which will last until 8 am. She was considering the idea, but she wasn’t sure if she can make it, and I don’t want to hang out at the mall by myself that late. I am sure it will be crowded but I still don’t walk around alone that late.

At noon, I returned home and ate my vegan Thanksgiving lunch. I didn’t take any snapshots. But it included vegan tofu-turkey with berry sauce as well as mashed potato with gravy, both from Mother’s Market. I drank a cup of hot cocoa with vegan mini marshmallows. I also ate 1/4 piece of a vegan mini pumpkin pie. It was good that I forgot it was vegan.

For dinner, I ate some more of the tofu-turkey with berry sauce. And, I decided to bake a half of a sweet potato with vegan mini marshmallows via microwave. It turned out good for microwave cooking. I also made two mini cups of Turkish Coffee with fruity Turkish Delight.

I finished working on yesterday’s graphic novel page.

So, I might either meet this woman at midnight at Spectrum Center if she plans to go there to hang out all early morning hours for fun, or I will go there tomorrow morning by myself. I do want to look for a new holiday wreath for my door. My old one fell apart.

It was hot today, around 90 degrees, and I was wearing a red sweatshirt and red slouchy beanie. Tomorrow’s temperature will be 82 degrees.

I added an old snapshot of my IMVU coffee shop, where my avatar has red henna bob hair, and she is dressed in her tiger pajamas and bunny slippers at her coffee shop, where she is hosting a feed the homeless event at her coffee shop. One of her dogs is with her at this event.


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