Organizing My March Schedule

Sunday, 3.1.20

It rained all afternoon, which was kind of soothing, as I check out my calendar for March as well as browsing on the meetup site. Possibly around 8 meetups events for this month, so far. But I am still open for something better. 

Sunday, March 8th is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, in which days will be longer again. 

Monday, March 9th is Full Moon night, which doesn’t really mean anything to me, except nice bright moon against the dark sky, but it does mean something to others. 

Tuesday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, which doesn’t mean anything to me because I’m Scottish. 

Thursday, March 19 is Spring Equinox or 1st Day of Spring.

Friday, March 20 is Jesus’ real birthday, which makes sense because spring is about new beginnings as well as March was originally the first month of the calendar until the Roman Empire added January and February. 

So far, this month appears to be slow. I hope it picks up with interesting activities, meetups, and events. 


What do you think?

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