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Most Delicious Ice Cream Of My Life

Last night my mood was so off,After dinner my husband decided that go for long drive.I was not willing  to avail  his offer,But insisted of my kids,I was agreed to go.During drive,my mood was still swing.After a while,  we reached at ice cream parlour .My husband  asked me for  ice cream flavour. 

I was looking from some  distance,  there was something  going on between parlour owner, an old man and my husband. After sometime, I saw that old man was enjoying  ice cream.My husband  brought yummy  ice cream. I asked my husband, “what’s matter  was going on between them”.So he told me that old man wanted to eat ice cream,but he had some money so parlour  owner refused  to give him ice cream.So my husband took a  ice cream for old man.Old man wanted to give some rupees to my husband but he refused. Old man raised his hands for prayers and gone there.I was so surprised and my  mood was changed in happiness. 

I was very impressed  to my husband  kindness.Old man gave us heart  peace and a gift  of prayers. We enjoyed  ice cream But really,  this was the most delicious  ice cream of my life.Kindly,help poor and needy peoples. GOD give us  heart  peace and 70% extra when we help needy peoples .DO GOOD HAVE GOOD.

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  1. It was really a very beautiful move by your husband … you have a noble husband … your ice cream looks fantastic, my friend … I’m getting rid of saliva when I look at the picture

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