Mexican Clay Soup Bowl

Microwave Tricks

One of the simplest things to do is to virtually bake an item.  You do this by covering your food.

Imagine a cake plate with a soup bowl snugly overturned on top of it.  On that cake plate is what you want to eat.  It could be something you have just prepared or something taken frozen from the fridge.

Too many people put an item on a plate, put the plate into the oven, turn it on and when the bell rings, take it out.

You can save time and electricity by the baking method I described.

Two minutes at medium on a covered plate, left in the unopened microwave for five minutes is equal to microwaving open at ten minutes, or longer.

Consider your basic old fashioned oven, where you start at X temperature, then turn down to Y as the food simmers.

In a micro things stay hot for quite sometime if you don’t open the door.  When an item is tightly covered, that heat stays even longer, baking your food.


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Written by Chef Lee

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