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Irresistible Fun Food: Slow Cooker Cheese Dips

A few years ago for a Christmas holiday, I was trying to buy myself a gift and wanted to purchase a small cooking appliance.  That year Instant Pot was all the rage.  But I couldn’t afford it.  I settled for a slow cooker/crockpot because it was on sale.  This memory dot can be connected to other memory dots.  Several years ago, in two different office celebrations, an employee prepared a melted cheese dip in a crockpot for us to spoon over corn tortilla chips, i.e. for nachos.

So that’s my equation.  Slow Cookers/Crockpots + Cheese = Irresistible Fun Food!

Guess that’s why in Texas, cheese dips show up on Game Day Menus.

Let me know if you’re tried or plan to try any of the recipes below.

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#1 Crock-Pot Bacon Cheese Dip

In case the bacon isn't enough for you, there is also a pulled pork, bacon, and cheese dip slow cooker recipe and a crockpot bacon cheeseburger dip.  Yes, I totally agree.  It ought to be illegal!

#2 Spicy Sausage and Cheese Dip ~ When is the next Game Day?

This recipe uses Jimmy Dean sausage.  Jimmy Dean is a Texan and he'd be proud.  For your information.  It's a little off topic but I like irresistible fun celebrity trivia too.  Did you know that Jimmy Dean once appeared in a James Bond film?  He played a character named Willard Whyte.

#6 Cheese Dips in their own food group? Agree OR Disagree

I love cheese dips but I wouldn't go so far as to put them in a separate food group.  LOL.

#8 Great Recipe for Cheese Lovers and Artichoke Lovers

Another bit of irresistible fun celebrity trivia.  Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was crowned Artichoke Queen of Castroville, California? She was 22 years old.

#9 Fruit and Cheese? It’s French. I heart all things French.

Brie is French, i.e. it originated in France and is named after the region Brie.  It's a soft cow's milk cheese, creamy, smooth and tastes great with fruit.

* Have fun searching Twitter for more slow cooker cheese dip recipes.


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