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Irresistible Fun Food: Mousse

What is mousse?  To me, it’s glorious pudding!  The English translation for the word mousse is “foam”. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Yeah.  It sounds better if you call it mousse.  No surprise it’s a French dessert.  There are some savory mousse recipes like chicken liver or vegetable.  That doesn’t appeal to my taste buds.  I like the sweet recipes.  Preferably chocolate.  But I’m willing to try the fruit mousse recipes.  The French chefs created this luscious dessert in the 1600s.  The Americans didn’t know about until 1930, about the same chocolate pudding was being introduced to the general population.  Mousse and pudding are very popular in the USA.  Because Americans love to celebrate all kinds of food holidays, April 3rd is set aside as National Chocolate Mousse Day.


Irresistible Fun Food: Pudding



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