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Irresistible Fun Food: Pudding

Pudding goes on my list for fun food, thanks to Jell-O’s creation of instant pudding.  In my circles, mention pudding and folks just want to know if they’re being offered banana pudding or chocolate pudding.  No surprise that if you search for pudding recipes on Twitter, the first few recipes that pop up are banana and chocolate.

After that, there is rice pudding or bread pudding.  The recipes for these are not instant.  I will admit that I was never a fan of old-fashioned rice pudding but the way the Indians make it gave me second thoughts.  I do like the old-fashioned bread pudding because my mom used to bake it with old bread and raisins.  It was very filling.

These are the common puddings (or rather the puddings that I know about). When it comes to pudding there are some cooks or chefs who use ingredients that never crossed my mind like persimmon or tiramisu.


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