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How Do You Love Your Bread?

Some love brown bread while others love white. Brown seems to be wholemeal. Wholemeal is very good for health.

Bread is then either sandwiched or becomes a wrapper for an omelette. It can then be packed for a picnic or to be used at work.

Bread can also be smeared with a variety of either butter or jam. We have other ways too. How do you love your bread?

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Written by stbrians


  1. I start off simple. Lightly toasted with a pat of butter or margarine. Then I look in the fridge or the cupboards. If it’s breakfast, I’ll check for honey or jam. If it’s lunch, I’ll look for cheese. If I feel like making a breakfast or lunch, I would be happy eating French toast with a little bit of syrup.

    When it comes to bread, I think it’s safe to say that Oprah Winfrey could be very good friends. 🙂