Holiday Dishes

I picked up a quick recipe from the William-Sonoma store at a local event. I am going to veganize it, but you can add the meat.

On the stove, put three types of beans, maybe 3 cups of each type, into a pot. Add one chopped onion and some barbecue sauce, and mix well as it cooks.

In another pot, add corn, chili lime powder, basil leaves, cilantro, parsley, parmesan cheese, and butter. Mix well as it cooks.

For refreshments, consider making blackberry/lemonade juice. If you want a natural sweetener, then add honey or agave to your fruity drink. Another option might include water infused with orange slices.

Some BBQ sauces include Maple Mesquite, Mango Habanero, and Apple.

Interesting that I recently made my own mango sauce, and I think my version was quite tasty. The above idea actually sounds good, but I forgot to try it out.

I added a snapshot of my Thanksgiving meal, which is comprised of Vegan and Vegetarian food.


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