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From Bush to Bottle: Homemade Blackberry Liqueur

Last autumn I made a batch of blackberry liqueur. It was surprisingly easy and repaid my efforts several times over.

#1 Pick the blackberries

First I picked blackberries until I got bored and got too many scratches. They weighed in at 2.15 Kg (about 4 lb 12 oz in American money)

#2 Add sugar

Next I added 50% of the fruit's weight in sugar, and left them for a few days. This drew the juice out of the fruit. The waiting is a recommended step, but I think it's more necessary with harder fruit than with soft berries like this.

#3 Maceration

After several days of fruit and sugar macerating, which resulted in a kind of syrup, I added 2.15 litres of spirit (1 litre of "alcohol for fruits" got in France, and 1.15 litres of brandy). The rate is 1 litre of alcohol for 1 kilo of fruit.

#4 Patience!

Next step is to leave the whole to blend for as long as I can bear to. I'm told I can then separate the fruit and repeat the same process anew. Yippee for recycling!

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