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Celebrate Iced Tea Day with a Sip of This Cool Drink

Iced tea with lemon

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Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths.

~ John Egerton

Did you know that June 10th is a National Iced Tea Day? Iced tea as most North Americans know it is a chilled tea drink that has been sweetened. Sometimes lemon or other fruits are added to the drink. In the American south, iced tea is often served unsweetened. So the drink that other North Americans know and love is called “sweet tea” instead.

Do you want to make your own iced tea at home? Iced tea experts say you should use two tea bags for each three cups of hot water. If you like the tea stronger, use more bags. Don’t lengthen the steeping time because this makes the iced tea bitter. Add your sugar when the tea is still hot and let the tea cool to room temperature before refrigerating.

Or you can try a refreshing glass of half-and-half, made with iced tea and lemonade. Check out the recipe for this cool twist on plain iced tea.

How do you like your iced tea?


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    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? I don’t much go in for the bottled versions that have peach or berry, or what have you. But I do like a freshly made raspberry iced tea. And I love my Arizona Iced Tea with lemon!

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