Cappuccino Via Moka

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I didn’t do much today. It was quiet in my neighborhood. I didn’t even hear any fireworks outside. But I checked out a Lords of the Rings marathon on the independent channel. I have the books, but I have only read the first two, Hobbit and Fellowship. I need to finish reading the rest of the books. I prefer reading the books than watching the movies because I always seem lost when I watch the movies. It is mostly fighting scenes, like Star Wars but with different characters. And, the Lord of the Rings is basically about the New World Order, end of time, Zionism, and One World control and government. The “Ring” symbolizes One World order, in which is their main mission to find this ring from Gollum and fight to dominate others; this is what is actually happening in real life–the Zionists want to control the earth under One World Govt with their so-called Ring. Moreover, the UCI campus was build and organized on a circular “ring,” based on the Lord of the Rings. One of the dorm areas is called Middle Earth, but I lived in Mesa Court. That is enough Lord of the Rings trivia for now. I will now move on to this video…

While on YouTube, checking out different videos, I thought this video was interesting because it demonstrates how you can make your own Cappuccino via stovetop Moka. I have never even thought of putting milk in the Moka. But I guess you learn something new every day via YouTube videos. I have learned at least one hundred ways to make coffee or different coffees from all over the world. I should be create my own Coffee Shop website to just post different coffee ideas for fun. I wonder if I can do this with my Moka because I don’t have the black cap that goes inside.

This week, I have been enjoying the Italian coffee dessert, Affogato Al Caffe. But I use on scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream with Moka or French Press espresso. I sometimes add some cinnamon on top in order to make it similar to a cappuccino drink..

This post is an interesting coffee shop post about discussing coffee and literature.


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