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In Search of the Best Espresso

Saturday, July 14, 2018

This afternoon, I watched YouTube videos, and I watched a couple of coffee videos, noticing that the people poured hot water into the bottom of the Moka. I have always used cold but filtered water, and I wondered if it made any difference whether the water was cold or hot. So, even though I just had a cup of French Press coffee, I decided to use my small silver Moka to make a cup using hot water. This small Moka uses 2/3 cup of water, which makes roughly 6 ounces, or two espresso cups.

When I tasted this espresso, I noticed it tasted very strong and bitter, like espresso is supposed to taste.

I have tried so many versions of coffee from YouTube demos that I am confused sometimes. I am not sure which one is better. Everyone has their own version, and I just like trying out different versions for fun, maybe in search of that best cup of espresso.

I added an old snapshot of one of my many coffee drinks. I am not sure which one this is.


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