5 Ways of Keeping a Commercial Kitchen Clean and Hygienic

Keeping a domestic kitchen clean can be a lot of work because it can get messy really quickly. The commercial kitchens are much busier and it becomes more difficult to keep everything clean and hygienic.

It is easier to work in a commercial kitchen when it is clean and organized. It helps in working efficiently and save time if you manage to keep the kitchen clean.

Here are a few tips that will help in keeping the commercial kitchen in pristine condition.

Keeping the counters clean:

The counters are an important part of the kitchen because they play an important role in preparation of food. The surfaces of the kitchen should be cleaned regularly so that there is no chance of food contamination. If you are using a counter to prepare meat then you should clean it thoroughly before you decide to use the same counter for slicing or cutting the vegetables or fruits.

Cleaning appliances:

The appliances are an important asset of the kitchen as it is not possible to run a kitchen without them. The appliances of the commercial kitchen have to do a lot of work and they face a lot of wear and tear. The fryers, stoves and ovens can gather a lot of grime so make sure you make time to clean the appliances regularly. The vents and the hoods also need your attention because they need to be cleaned for hygiene and efficiency of the appliances. If you let the grease build then it will decrease the lifespan of equipment and in worst cases also become the cause of fires.

The storage areas:

The food is probably the most important asset of the kitchen because the purpose of the kitchen is cooking food. Every kitchen needs perfect storage areas so that you can keep the food safely stored.

The needs refrigeration appliances and you can choose different styles like an upright, chest freezer or cheap under counter fridge depending on the storage requirements of the kitchen. Whether you are using an upright refrigerator or a cold room you need to make sure that you clean them regularly. The interior as well as the exterior of the cold storage should be cleaned regularly so that there is no chance of food contamination. You should take out the foods products from the refrigeration appliances once in two weeks and scrub it down.

The shelves of the dry storage should also be organized so that you can you do not keep them filled with expired food products.

Sanitizing utensils and kitchen items:

Make sure that you use the commercial dishwasher that allows you to sanitize the utensils and all the kitchen items that you are using. It will help in getting rid of all the bacteria and grease of the food.

Cleaning floors:

The floors of the commercial kitchen can become grimy pretty quickly. A kitchen floor should always have non-slip coating because slippery floors are a huge health hazard. The spills should be cleaned right away because if the solidify, they require a lot of hard work to get rid of.

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