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Ladies, we all have those monthly visitors. Whether it’s every month or every other month. Sooner or later Ms. Flow will come bursting through the uterus as if it owns the vagina. Before we get into all the gory details let’s start with some basics.

Not all females’ menstrual cycles run the same. Most females have cycles every month which is labeled as normal. However, for the rare few out there that sometimes get theirs every other month, they are labeled as irregular. Having an irregular cycle is a tricky business. Once mastered it will feel normal as the sun rising. The key to understanding when the menstrual cycle is about to start is knowing what the body is saying. Not everyone goes through period pains. Not having period pains is a blessing and a curse. Things to be aware of is heightening senses or cravings. Of course, paying attention to the emotions running through the body along with actions out of the normal can help with knowing when the cycle is about to start. Eliminate any embarrassing mishaps.

There are four types of flows: light, regular, super, and heavy. Being blessed with a light or regular flow can make that week go by with a breeze. Those two types of flows require low maintenance. However, heavy and super may make the week feel as if life is about to end. Maintenance is more towards the high end due to having to change tampons or pad every four hours. The normal amount of time to wear a tampon or pad is eight hours. Investing in a period cup will allow up to twelve hours of usage. Thankfully, every women hygiene brand has pads and tampons suited for all flows.

Other than the flow to understand the menstrual cycle starting point, the ending point is the main factor as well. On average, a menstrual cycle can last up three to seven days, however, what is normal for one may not be normal for another. In a rare week, spotting may occur in place of the cycle. It is not abnormal, still, consult a doctor to make sure it is not any underlying issues. The length of how long the cycle lasts for the week can vary – it is still best to know the average amount of time it usually lasts.

Determining which brand is best for the body when there are more than eleven hygiene brands targeting this topic can be tricky. In finding the right brand the simple way to put it is there is no such thing as the ‘right’ brand. It is more of the product and what it has to offer. There can be certain pads that are more comfortable to wear, however, the tampons make a person believe they can do without. Pads come in two forms wings and wingless alone with scented and unscented. Always is a company that produces high-quality pads. Kotex produces pads that are comfortable as well called U-Kotex. Like all women hygiene brand they have tampons, personally, they are uncomfortable with my body. Instead, Always tampons Tampax and Playtex are the two go to tampon brands for moderately to highly active people.

Enjoy life with these brands and flow through the week with Ms. Flow.


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Written by Dasia