10 Benefits of Pistachios – Treasure of Health

The winter is about to comes in which large amounts of almonds, pistachios and other fruits are eaten and understood to be hot favorite for winter season. However, many people do not know how important medical benefits are obtained from eating pistachios.

Very Nutritional “- In a bowl pistachios, 159 calories, 5.72 grams of protein, 13 grams of cholesterol, 3 gram fiber, 7.70 gram carbohydrates, 34 mg of magnesium, 291 grams potassium, 0.482 mm gram vitamins B6 and 0.247 grams. In these ingredients, it has been found very useful  metabolism and Vitamin B6 mental development.

Less Calories :- If you are disturbed due to nutrients (calories), only 50 pistachios contains 159 calories. it is not true that the idea is that eating the pistachios flows towards the obesity.

Treasury of antioxidants :- Pistachios are full of all kinds of antioxidants. antioxidants keep us healthy and protect from cancer and heart diseases.

Useful for eyes :- In the pistachio, two antioxidants are lutein,β-carotene and zeaxanthin, which prevent obesity and aged-borne diseases.

Pistachios Protect intestines :  Since the Pistachios are full of fibers, on the same hand, It keep system health and protect intestine, it also protect you from constipation. Eating  Pistachios increases the number of useful bacteria which has many benefits.

Meet the protein requirements :  Those who do not eat meat and want to meet the protein requirements, the pistachios are very useful for them. This is because 21 percent weight of a Pistachios is rich of protein.

Useful to lose weight : – A survey conducted in 2012 revealed that eating pistachios reduces weight loss, because it produces a feeling of stomach full, On the other hand, it contain very low calories.A study conducted in united states for 12-year and showed that cholesterol is tremendously decreased by eating pistachio and it also maintain blood pressure normal and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Useful in Controlling diabetes. In a small experience, when Pistachios were given with sugar-enhanced foods, it did not increase the amount of blood sugar. Expert believe people with diabetic profile who use to eat Pistachios in daily routine, It control diabetes.

Useful in Cancer.  A research conducted in  2017 showed that due to the high amount of fiber, pistachio prove to be very useful in preventing intestinal cancer.


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