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Top 5 Makeup Trends for January 2018

  1. Fantasy Highlighters include highlighting the face with shimmery gold or silver powder. Gold and silver makeup are very festive, perfect for parties, as well as starting the New Year with a fresh new start and bang.
  2. Eyeliner line can be drawn in many ways around your eyes, whether thick, thin,long short, etc. This sounds cool for me because I have always done my own thing anyway. I really have my own style of applying makeup.
  3. Peach Smoky Eyes. I have always liked smoky eye makeup, but I have always used dark colors, like black, charcoal grey, brown shades, blue shades or purple shades. It would be fun to try out Smoky Peach to see how it looks on me.
  4. Light Highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes. I don’t understand this one, but I might try it out for fun.
  5. Pantone Purple or Violet makeup colors, clothes, and accessories. I also think that peach and purple or violet look good together because I have always liked contrast. So, I will likely use peach and purple or violet together in my makeup application, outfit coordination, and home decor.


What do you think?