Top 10 Fall Fashions 2018 Must-Haves

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Are you ready for Fall Fashions 2018?

I decided to check out this woman’s fashion video to see what to look forward to for this autumn.

  1. Primary colors—red, blue and yellow—will be popular for this autumn. Camel, rust orange, ultraviolet, and lilac are also popular. I have all these colors in my wardrobe.
  2. Tartans, checks and plaids will be popular prints, especially in kilts and wrap skirts. It would be cool to wear my kilt again, but I usually wear my kilts during winter season.
  3. Animal prints, such as leopard prints will be popular in bold colors. I might have one outfit in this metallic purple.
  4. Metallic clothes are worn during the daytime. I have a couple from the past.
  5. Faux Fur clothes continue to be popular. It was never out of style to begin with.
  6. Florals continue to popular for autumn season, but bold and busy. I probably have one or two.
  7. 80s style western outfits. I was never really into western outfits, unless for Halloween, where I either dressed as a Cowboy or Indian for fun.
  8. Statement earrings are oversized. I do have one particular silver hoop earrings that are bigger than regular size, in which I used to wear during the late 90s. They will actually be in style now.
  9. Shearling décor…I hope this shearling is also faux fur.
  10. Capes are always worn during autumn and winter. Long capes are popular for autumn. I have a long cape as well as some ponchos, which are similar.


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