Latest Trend:Bag And Bracelet At The Same Time

Ladies, we present you the bag of 2017- Nile bag by Chloe. This little, but at the same time eye-catching accessory has a special place in women’s wardrobes.  All the fashionistas have gone crazy about this piece of art. This new designed bag has different design than the rest. They have turned an ordinary bag into a beautiful innovative one. Hitting the catwalk with fresh design is always a good idea. This bracelet bag has the attention in the fashion world. The design is innovative and yet sophisticated. The half-moon silhouette is combined with a circular metal handle, and we must not forget the simple stud details.The bracelet is here for an elegant hand carry and also jewelry effect. That is why it has become so popular among the fashion bloggers.

This bag was part of the outfits of fashion enthusiasts that attended fashion week in Paris, Milan and New York.


Would you like to have it in caramel, mustard or black color? Vote for your favorite one!


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Written by Kristina


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