Genetically-modified clothes for 2020

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The new fashion statement for 2020 will be set by Monsanto.  Since people around the world are eating products that have been genetically modified, the idea now is to wear clothes in which the material has been genetically modified.

Monsanto has just struck a deal with the nation of Kenya to have genetically modified cotton grow within their country.  The cotton would be resistant to pesticides sprayed upon the crops.  Yup, that means that the cotton will be sprayed with glyphosate.

In all pesticides used by Monsanto, the active ingredient is glyphosate.  However, glyphosate has been scientifically proven to be carcinogenic.  People all over the globe that have used the weed killer Roundup have contracted non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Instead of rectifying this issue with glyphosate, clothes will now be made with glyphosate.  Every time that you wear these clothes, you will be putting on cancer.


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  1. In my opinion, Monsanto should be banned in all countries. We have not allowed the products of Monsanto in our country. But I am afraid, the ban will be not for long. Kenya people should fight against the government’s decision allow to grow modified cotton.

    • During the Vietnam War, Monsanto created the pesticide Agent Orange to clear out the brush in Vietnam. My dad fought in the Vietnam War. When the soldiers came back home to the USA and had children, some of the children ended up with birth defects like myself. Years later, Virily has given me the vehicle to drive the facts about Monsanto through the proverbial wall of the internet.


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