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Basic Tips to Dress Chic For Middle Aged Women

Saturday, February 29, 2020

I decide to watch this video because I have always been attracted to French fashions. I agree with her tips. They make sense to me.

  • Buy high quality clothes with classic style and cuts.
  • Add an element of creative flare to make it look modern, current, and stylish.
  • Trench Coat worn with casual pieces.
  • Skirts worn with black turtleneck and black tights for artsy flare.
  • Denim dark jeans that aren’t ripped are always classic. Jeans goes with anything, any color or print.
  • White shirt is always classic, and it can be worn in many ways.

Classic shoes include mary-janes, oxfords, loafers, pumps, ballet flats, knee-high boots, ankle boots, and booties. Also, with sandals, it is more classy-looking to wear tight or socks for a cleaner look. 


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