May 2018 Fashion Overview

Friday, May 18, 2018

I just received the May 2018 issue of California Style magazine in my mailbox. It has the latest styles in fashion, accessories, and home décor, as well as lifestyle, food, and entertainment sections. So, I just flipped through it to get an idea what to post, and I noticed lots of modern styles, vintage styles, and a combination style that involves mixing the modern new items with old vintage items, kind of like adding antiques to new stuff to give a room personality from the home owner’s personal individualistic style or even a person’s cultural heritage. Many of these vintage items look very arty and artistic. Some of the modern items can look artistic but in a minimalism way, similar to the clean look of an art gallery. I think it works the same for fashion, where you mix new items, which might be modern minimalism with some antique-looking or vintage accessories as an accent.

Actress/Singer Evan Rachel Wood is the cover model for this issue, dressed in a metallic-colored jumpsuit, similar to a futuristic robot, as well as an androgynous look to promote her bisexuality and independence.

Lots of interesting eyeglasses and sunglasses shapes are displayed as well as bathing suits to prepare for the summer weather.

I notice a variety in hair, from very short hair sleeked back or, bobs and pageboys to long hair and long hair sleeked back into a tight bun. I did not notice any specific style standing out.

I notice a lot of bold colors, most in accessories, such as colorful scarves, purses and shoes with bold floral colors, and bathing suits with prints.

I notice lots of animal-inspired jewelry, whether using animal prints or animal shapes.

I notice lots of denim clothes and accessories as well as clothes and accessories in bandana design. The color blue seems to be a popular color for this spring, whether denim blue or different shades of nature blue, such as sky blue, ocean blue, pastel blue, bold blue, bright blue, aqua blue, turquoise blue, navy blue, and etc…

I also noticed some masonic symbolism of black and white geometric designs, gold Satanhead and gold Greek god rings, gold star, black and white with gold accent, and serpent symbolism.

But, overall, I notice many ideas from vintage 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s because I have had similar clothes when I was young during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as I took some of my mother’s vintage 50s and 60s items. Therefore, you can modernize your old items into 2018 and beyond, in which I plan to do for fun.

I will write separate posts of different fashion styles and home décor styles in detail. This post is just a basic summary of my first impression for May 2018.

I added my snapshots from the Spring Garden Show 2018 as well as Nordstrom window display at South Coast Plaza.


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