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10 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Glasses And Sunglasses!

Everyone has at least one pair of shades at home! I don’t know about the clear lenses, but I am sure you all guys have at least one pair of sunglasses that you wear when it’s sunny outside! But, do you only wear them when it’s sunny and bright outside? Let me advice you on this subject, and you’ll realize that glasses are an essential for every time of the day!

I personally love wearing sunglasses. I wear them when it’s sunny, I wear them when it’s cloudy, and even when it gets windy. But why? Because sunglasses are very helpful for many reasons: first of all, they stop the sun rays from hurting your eyes, they prevent dust entering your eyes when it’s windy, you see better with clear lenses and so on, and so on. But, let me tell you something more: They shouldn’t be only seen as a material we need when it is sunny outside or when we go for a motor ride!

And why do you think I say that? Well, I have a very strong argument. Sunglasses and glasses can be very helpful for many many reasons: You want to avoid eye contact today because you don’t feel like talking to people? Just put on your sunglasses, walk faster and viola! You have avoided a lot of eye-contacts and a lot of unnecessary conversations! You don’t feel good today and you didn’t get enough sleep, but you need to go downtown and see some of your friends, or go shopping? Just put on your sunglasses and nobody will notice that you look like an old pale rag! You are supposed to go on a date with the guy you met last week at work? And you have taken a lot of care about your looks, but you still kinda wanna feel more self-confident and sexier? Put on a pair of clear glasses and I bet the guy will fall on the first sight!

Bellow, with pictures, I am going to give you 10 strong reasons why you should always wear your glasses and sunglasses!

1. They cover your eye circles after an exhausting day

2. They complement to your fancy look

3. They make you look and feel smarter

4. You look way more official than normal

5. They make your eyes look bigger

6.  They make you look and feel sexier

7. You avoid eye contact with a lot of people

8. You look cooler when taking pictures

Source9. They are actually designed to help in avoiding sunlight

10. You actually see better with specially designed clear glasses


What do you think?

Written by Alex


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