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Super Easy And Cheap DIY Jewelry That You Can Make Immediately!+Photo Tutorial

DIY is such an interesting thing to do. As a hobby, it will help you increase your productivity. You will have fun , and also you will create some fun crafts that you can share with your friends. If you love DIY jewelry, then this post will help you create your own unique pieces. These ideas are so simple and quick to make. Also, you will probably have all this stuff at home already. And did I mention that these are so cheap to make? 

1. DIY yarn necklace

If you love colorful necklaces, you will find this DIY idea helpful.

You will need:

  • different colors of yarn
  • wire
  • chain
  • loops

With the wire, make a horseshoe form. Make a loop on the both sides. Then, take one of the yarn colors. Wrap it around in about 1/5 of the length. Tie it. Then start with The second color. Repeat the process until you have wrapped all the wire in yarn. Place little loops on both sides of the chain. Secure them on the wire.

Watch the process below.



2. Tassel earrings

If you are into long and detailed earrings, then you will love these ones! Simple to make, and also cheap!

You will need:

  • ready bought tassels
  • ear hooks

The process is really simple. If your tassels do not have loops on them, attach one on each. Then add the ear hook. Now your beautiful earrings are done. You can make as many pairs as you want!

See the photo tutorial below.

3. Heart shape necklace

This super easy and also pretty necklace can make a great gift for a friend! You will need to get a litle more creative with this one!

You will need:

  • air-dry clay
  • heart shape cookie cutter
  • chain
  • loop
  • tape
  • paint

Take the clay. With the help of the cookie cutter cut some heart shapes. With the help of a sharp object, make a tiny hole in the corner. This will be holding the loop. When dried, put some tape on the half. Paint the one half of the heart with color of your choice. When dried, place the loop in the hole. Attach the chain.

Follow the process in these photos:


What do you think?

Written by Kristina


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