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10 fashion trends for winter 2018

We may technically have just entered 2018, but don’t let that put a stop to planning your winter 2018 wardrobe right on. A few months from now, when we will hit the height of summer, that’s precisely when most stores will set to release the new winter fashion trends for this year. It’s only fair to start planning on how you will be rocking the colder weather already.

Here’s all the information that will keep you updated beforehand!


  • Extra-long navy overcoats

2017 was all about the ‘camel coat.’ Every fashionista was obsessed with that winter trend. It became a staple for it was an easy piece to work with so many styles. From denim to dresses, or to formal evening wear – and everything in between, it worked with almost every outfit.

To present something of similar nature this year, we have the extra-long navy overcoats. They’re the perfect balance between style and comfort. In fact, their neutral appearance and bold color are the factors why this outerwear will match this season’s other winter trends too. For instance, they go great with wide calf boots too.

The long, navy, gold-buttoned coat is a classy and versatile piece of clothing that can give a dramatic touch to any look. Don’t worry if it’s a little too long for you. This year, it’s going to be a unique style.

  • The working-woman suit

Not just the boots, there’s something else that we are re-welcoming as a winter fashion trend for 2018 after the 90s. Get ready to reintroduce yourself with suits featuring shoulder pads and double-breasted cuts. However, as compared to the 90s, there’s a modern twist to the design which makes this style so trendy.

Added to the 90s style is thicker silhouette with longer lengths. One should definitely think about investing in a stylish blazer. After all, your favorite celebrities are always on their trend spin to make sure they have the best blazer to rock both in an out of the office look during winters.

  • Turtleneck dresses

If you were not ready to give up your dresses this winter – there is some good news! Dresses will be back in trend this year with a stylish, new twist. Turtleneck dresses will become the next big thing for women who prefer comfort and style as a combination.

Whether you choose to pick vintage floral prints popular with Balenciaga or artsy-like, they make at Valentino, add a turtleneck to flaunt a trendy style this winter.

  • Roll-neck cardigans

There will be no hard and fast rules for cuts this year. In fact, the more deconstructed cuts you pick, the stylish you will appear. Fortunately, winter will present plenty of these elegant roll necks and other similar styles for cardigans and knitwear.

If you have always been scared of those chunky knits, now is the time to grab one. Pair it with a slouchy trouser or a skirt and set a style statement instantly.


  • It’s all about sparkles

Let the boots do the talking!

This year you will be witnessing a lot of shine and sparkle stomping on the runways. Designers are putting exceptional effort to make your feet the highlight this year.

If you have never been particular about your winter boots, you might want to think again. Winter this year will make bling the center of attention with glitter-encrusted shoes and boots of all types!

From high-waisted pants, we have now landed to high-waisted belts. Put your clothes together with a stylish belt strapped right around your waist.

Wrapping your tops with big belts is a great way to show off that summer body under those clothes. Cinch everything by placing those belts right and bring attention to your waist. Don’t hesitate in getting those big, bold belts. In fact, the more they show, the sexier it looks.

The use of these belts is entirely up to you this year. Use it to cinch coats to knits and oversized dresses – everything!

  • Faux fur stoles

Drape it around your body or wear as a traditional stole, the faux fur is undeniably a style statement. If there’s one piece of clothing you are planning to invest in this year, this is an excellent choice.

The best part about faux fur stoles is their versatility. There are so many incredible options to go with these stoles. Put it over a white top in a diagonal drape or set it up as an additional attachment to your lapel as a cozy collar. The styles you can pull off with this single stole are unlimited.

  • Patterned platform boots

Platform boots have been around for quite some time. Inspired by the 90s fashion trends, these tend to look so gorgeous and stylish that we can already see why this style is going to rule for another few years.

So what’s different this time? Not only these boots will make you look trendy, but there’s also going to be a fantastic variety of patterns and chic colors to set your style apart.

Don’t hesitate in going a little funky with your boots!


  • Trendy black leather

You thought your trendy black leather would disappear this year? Not really!

Winter is incomplete with some black leather. And to your surprise, black leather will not only be seen in jackets and boots but will be a favorite fabric for bags, chokers, accessories, and the like.

You will get to enjoy your leather this year but with a twist.

  •  Ultraviolet

If you wanted to see ‘black’ on the list as one of the trendiest colors for winter 2018, you might have been a little disappointed.

This year’s going to be about the color of mysteries of the cosmos as per Pantone. 2018 is all about ultraviolet, and we are so looking forward to seeing how designers use it for their visionary thinking to come up with unique and trendy styles.

But fashion does not limit itself to a single color. Other colors you will see more are soft hues of lavender and bright shades of yellow. People more conscious about their color choice can hook to their neutrals.

Whether you are picking a pair of shoes, a hat, or a pair of trousers, keep these color contrasts in mind to keep up with the winter 2018 trends.

Final word

From trot to boots to tops and knits, get ready to rock in your winter wardrobe with these essential fashion trends for winter 2018.


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