Your Personality Profile via Chinese Astrology and Blood Type

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

In the Chinese astrology, I am a Dragon and my element is Wood. Wood people tend to be patient, understanding, warm, sociable, compassionate, flexible, adaptable, stable, practical, and generous. Weakness include not having a good grasp of boundaries and limits, as well as being too passive, yielding easily under pressure, and relying too much on others.

I am a Blood Type O—which includes responsible, practical, strategic, organized, determined, decisive, objective, success-oriented, and logical. Type O are The Warrior, which tend to be friendly to everyone.

In the American astrology, I am a Lion and my element is Fire.

I notice both my animals are strong and fearless animals.

It is interesting that Type O is a Warrior because my high school mascot is Troy Warriors.


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