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Have you ever questioned why you have a distinctive or unique personality? Why other people may misinterpret the way you present yourself or come across as cautious, reserved, introverted, extroverted, flamboyant, or the life of the party, etc.?  Why do you have a passion for reading, writing, sports, hobbies interests or career choice?

I’ve questioned this countless times, truthfully considering I was as an ‘oddball’! Who besides me would possess similar personality type behaviors?

I am not much of a believer in ‘Zodiacs,’ Daily Horoscopes, Tarot readings, etc., so I was skeptical partaking in a ‘Personality Type’ test, yet opted to see what it was all about and chiefly fascinated with the outcome.

The video below describes the personality test created by Myers Briggs, however, that isn’t the only one that provides your personality type, there are other sites with their own tests that can determine the same results also.

So, I took the first test via Myers Briggs and I don’t mind sharing the results:  I am an INFP Personality.  I researched this INFP Personality (within MB site) and the results were almost “SPOOKY!”   It was as if someone interviewed me, then wrote an article describing me exactly!  It was accurate in many, many ways (passion for writing, reading, introvert, empathetic, headstrong, messy, unorganized, drawn to sad things – just to name a few!)

In conclusion, I remained on the fence about how this test could give accurate results, so I attempted two others tests on sites with their own Personality Tests.  The results for both:  INFP PERSONALITY TYPE


Think about looking into your Personality Type. You don’t have to share, but just indicate if the result is accurate or a bunch of crap!!

Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy 2017


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