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Quiz: Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and minerals are so common that many people stop thinking about them. Yet we use the minerals daily and even consume them. Some people collect rocks. They are often used to decorate yards, gardens, and walkways. They may even be used as the walkway. 

This quiz is to test your knowledge of rocks and minerals. Take your time and enjoy the quiz.

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    This kind of volcanic rock is formed when froth on the top of lava cools. This is the only kind of rock that naturally floats on water.

    • pumice
    • feldspar
    • sandstone
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    Most Aluminum comes from an ore called…

    • chalcedony
    • bauxite
    • jasper
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    The softest mineral in the world, sometimes known as soapstone or steatite, is….

    • corundum
    • talc
    • sphalerite
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    What radioactive element can be refined from pitchblende ore?

    • uranium
    • cobalt
    • plutonium
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    Iron can be refined from this shiny, gold colored rock, which is chemically iron sulfide…

    • quartz
    • perlite
    • pyrite
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    Chalcocite is refined to produce what elemental mineral?

    • copper
    • bronze
    • mercury
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    This is the most common metal on Earth, and it is extensively mined.

    • copper
    • gold
    • aluminum
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    Obsidian, a hard, shiny rock, is often black, but can contain red, green, gray, or white coloration. Obsidian is associated with what kind of rock?

    • volcanic
    • sedimentary
    • metamorphic
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    Corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, is better known as what?

    • Ruby
    • sapphire
    • Both ruby and sapphire, depending on the color
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    Dolomite chalk, such as that making up the White Cliffs of Dover, is made up of the shells of millions of tiny sea creatures. When the dolomite chalk is subjected to intense pressure and heat, it becomes a rock known as…

    • slate
    • sandstone
    • marble


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Written by Rex Trulove

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