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The Wonderful Gift of Life

I have a loan to pay, I want to become something but there is so much of money required to pay for course, I want to do this but there is a big obstacle, I have this disease, I have this person irritating and annoying me, I have this mindset that keeps on preventing my success. There are thousands and thousands of obstacles that keep coming your way through thoughts. I am not here to talk about thinking positive or sharing “The Secret” kind of story with you.

I am here to tell you how wonderful is the Gift of life. One fine day, take out time and just think of someone else solving your problems completely and setting you free. Imagine that feeling, definitely not better than solving your own problems by yourself. Gift of problems is just so amazing that when you solve it by yourself, you feel amazing.

In school days, In order to complete our subject’s syllabus, we were a given time table. Time table use to consists of all those things that we were suppose to do while at school. This always helped us to complete the course at exact time and still enough of time was left for revision. What time table YOU created for Your Goals after school?

Do you have a Planning for a Goal? Or Do you even have a Goal?  There is a famous proverb ” Those who fail to plan… actually plan to fail..

LIFE indeed, is wonderful. It is Great Gift left unappreciated by most of Us. Every situation without planning and incorrect energy is nothing but a Problem. Problems otherwise, I believe never existed. Failure is unrealized success, nothing else.


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Written by Jagwani Nitesh


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