What’s in the woods?

Hello There my friends, How are you all doing? it’s the 1st day of SUMMER YE HA time for some action packed entertainment to start the summer off right, the BEST way to do that is to have something that’s thrilling, edge of your seat exciting, O M G no don’t go in there type of excitement to get things going.

I love drama, action packed, edge of your seat kind of entertainment movies thrillers, is more like it :<}nothing like a good flick to start your summer off to a GOOD start is what I always say what about you? For those that aren’t into scary flicks well I wouldn’t advise you to watch this, but if you ARE, U welcome.

This has NOW ads or commercials to it so it’s pretty awesome to watch you won’t want to miss the end either cause it’s WELL worth the time, like I said this is 1 of them movies that KEEP you watching & on the edge of your seat saying things as “NO don’t go in there” RUN, O M G, this is a GOOD movie.

But if your not into a good spooky ones then I can fix that too for others that like such movies like say gone with the wind, or Bengi, Mississippi burning, I don’t know but if you tell me what you like watching I can try & find something CLOSE to put on here for you all to watch that will be more exciting. :>}


What do you think?


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