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What I am so excited about?

If you love reading you will understand why I am so happy today.

It is because the new edition of ‘The List’ (2019) has just been released.

What, you may ask, is ‘The List’?

Simply, it is CQI Magazine’s Recommended reads for the forthcoming year.

For those of you who do not know about any of this and might think I am speaking gobbledygook, let me enlighten you

CQI Magazine is a well-respected online periodical dedicated to promoting ‘indies’, that’s indie authors, artists, creatives, designers, musicians and, well, anything and anyone with a creative flair, to a global audience.

CQI Magazine has readers in 90 countries and has around 50K people browsing its pages each quarter.

Each year CQI asks reviewers, publishers, editors and such to ‘nominate’ books. Each nominee must have personally read and recommend the books they are nominating.

From the books nominated, CQI Magazine selects a small number for inclusion into ‘The List’ as their ‘Must reads‘ for the year.

I absolutely loved the books in the 2018 edition of The List and could not wait for this, the 2019 edition of The List to be published.

I really like it come out pre-Christmas, it helps me choose which books to buy who. Books always make ideal stocking fillers. Oh, and I can treat myself to a book (or three) too!

As The List is a yearlong catalogue of great reads, I also have a great reference when it comes to getting the perfect birthday gifts too, whenever during the year that may be.

This year ‘The List’ also highlights a range of books published under the ‘Electric Eclectic’ brand.

Electric Eclectic books are short(ish) stories, novelettes, allowing you and me, (the readers), to sample authors we have not read before without buying their full-length novels or story collections.

I love this idea, it lets you read several stories from several authors to see which you like most. When you know you enjoy a certain authors style, you can then buy their other books, without having that niggling doubt about whether you will like it or not.

With each Electric Eclectic eBook priced at just 1.00, (Pounds/Euro/Dollar), you can grab two or three without breaking the bank. It is a win-win situation for sure.

(A little bird told me Electric Eclectic are publishing paperback ‘Pocketbooks’ from 2019… I do hope so.)

The List 2019 can be read here

The List 2018 is here

Find Electric Eclectic books here


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