Taylor Swift – Mean


I was saddened when they approached me to help set up an anti bully program for the school. It seems sad that we have to create programs to teach civility. The statistics were overwhelming. There seems to be an entire generation who really believes that being mean makes them look better and feel better. Before I agree to help I researched a large number of cases. It was overwhelming. I never thought I would have to teach adults how to be civil, I was so very wrong.

I am constantly  talking about labels and why we should take great care before we label a person or behavior. Ask questions. Have conversations.  Find out WHY.  Use good common sense and look for the good in people first. 

We are always looking for help to stop the bullies and haters and thos who can teach everyone about self esteem. In general those who have to resort to name calling have a very low self esteem and need help. If anyone is interested you can let me know and I can get you in touch with an organization. It is world wide and help is always welcome.


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