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To Evaluate What People Are Really Like, Use These Considerations?

“Success is the result of small efforts repeated daily.”

 Too frequently, we look back with hindsight and bemoan not having paid attention to the behavioral signs of others. Think of it as if you were walking or driving along a busy highway, but not paying attention to the traffic, signals or signs along the way.

 * Without physical injury or worse, how far would you get?

* During conversations, do they often interrupt, and why? 

* Do they listen distractedly or attentively? 

* Are they frequently angry? 

* Do they take it out on others in any way or internalize it? 

* How do they react to adversity in their life? 

* Are they compassionate toward others? 

* Do they learn from their mistakes? 

* Do they apologize when they forget an appointment, etc? 

* If they apologize, do they really mean it or keep doing the same kind of ‘forgetting’ over and over?

*  How would you rate their respect for others? 

* Are they frequently bored? 

* Are they able to entertain themselves or rely on others? 

* How do they treat friends, family, children, and older people? 

* Are their conversations one-sided in their favor or give-and-take?

*  What percentage of the conversations are devoted to talking and listening? 

*  When they are corrected, how do they react? 

* Do their lives match their words? 

* Are they haphazard or organized?

*  What do they believe about God?

*  Is their spirituality a part of their daily life or is there an on/off switch on it?

*  Is it fake or genuine? 

* How would your relationship withstand being with them 24 hours every day? 

* If you were in a relationship with them, would there be a lot of arguing? 

* Would you add something to this list? 

* How many subjects do you agree and disagree about? 

You don’t need to go through life with a clipboard with a bunch of questions, but you should have them in your mind to help yourself have better relationships.

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  1. in the modern world people who are very nice in person, hide behind the keyboard online. HBK means that you don’t know me, you don’t know where I am, so I can attack at will.

    There are people who even go so far as to attack people on multiple platforms. It is the sad reality of the world.

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