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Take Me Home, Country Roads (Home Free Cover)

Take Me Home, Country Roads is a song originally made famous by John Denver. The version here is done by the Acapella group Home Free and I love their rendition. They’ve slowed the tempo a little but their flawless harmony almost makes it sound like there are musical instruments being used, though there aren’t any. As usual for music by Home Free, the arrangement has beautiful scenery as a backdrop. This is the sort of music I really enjoy listening to.


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Written by Rex Trulove


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    • I can understand that, but one of the greatest tributes an artist can get is when another talented artist or artists sing their songs and both do it well and put a lot of feeling into the music. John Denver was a favorite of mine and there aren’t many artists who can do a good job on his hit songs, though many have tried. Home Free does a good job and I suspect that if John was still around, he’d probably be performing songs like this one with Home Free.


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