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Song Saturday – Morning Dance – Spyro Gyra

You may have not intended to ever hear this song, but you have heard this song before.  “Morning Dance” was created by the jazz group Spyro Gyra back in the late 1970’s.  This song is one of the top ten songs in modern jazz history.  You cannot claim to be a jazz fan unless you like this song.  

What makes this song so great is the blend of the saxophone with the different types of percussion instruments used in this song.  The keyboards are also phenomenal as well.  Normally, in jazz music, the percussion instruments are normally in the background.  However, the kettle drums are the focal point.

#1 Spyro Gyra – Morning Dance

You have heard this song somewhere in a store before over the decades.  You probably did not recognize who did this song, but you have heard this before.


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    • Yeah, I liked 70’s jazz because that was what my Dad used to listen to. Then, I really didn’t like 80’s jazz because it was over-synthesized, but came back to jazz in the 90’s when smooth jazz figured out the balance between synthesizers and the instruments. I think that the only ’80’s jazz I listened to was Al Jarreau.

      • My dad didn’t like Jazz, but my mom did. She and i used to go to the IU theater when Jazz greats came into town.

        but that was the 60s jazz legends. I listened to the blues folks out of Chicago for a long time, i got back into jazz in the 2010 time frame.

          • i saw Wynton Marsalis and his brother the 2nd time I went to the New Orleans Jazz festival. They are the most famous performers for Jazz I’ve seen.

            my grandfather used to talk about seeing Charlie Bird Parker in Chicago in the 1940s right before the war.

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