Song Saturday – Listen 2 the Groove – Jessy J

Listening is a key element through these unknown times because there is so much information going around.  To keep the mind balanced so that your brain does not go off on a tangent, listening is absolutely critical.  You do not want to listen to the wrong information at this time because one wrong misstep could be fatal.  

Choosing to listen means that you are selecting not to be stubborn.  Choosing to listen means that you will not recklessly contract the coronavirus.  Continue to be safe during the pandemic.

In the meanwhile enjoy the song below and “Listen 2 the Groove.”

#1 Jessy J – Listen 2 the Groove (from Second Chances)

Yes, these are pictures of saxophonist Jessy J.  Yes, she is that beautiful.  "Listen 2 the Groove."


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