#Saturday Song: Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme


If there is anyone who loves listening and listening along to children’s songs, it must be me.This is one of my favourite nursery rhymes.

This post is in response to Kim’s challenge to submit your favourite song whose theme is dedicated on Saturday (though you can submit it on any other day).

It’s not bad being childish at times, agree?


What do you think?

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      • Very welcome, not a problem, I always say when I notice, it happened before with other users too… It is probably because of the hashtag so don’t put it in the title (at least not at the beginning of it as the first word! 😉 ) Hahahaha, not a problem… 😀

          • Really???????????!? Why is that……..?!? I thought it was easy to earn there… I see only a couple of people from myLot and they are not regularly active here! I thought they were more active there…!

          • PS I had some very bad experiences there (and now here too so I might leave) which made me react very bad so I was banned but I actually never liked it there only because of such toxic people who will make you react like that… Unfortunately, there are people like that here too

          • It is because it is more of a discussion site than an informative one. I like where people post and others comment.
            I understand. I ignore people who are toxic or react kindly. It pays off.

      • I know but I meant the earnings there, you said it’s hard to earn there and I didn’t have such an impression…?
        I think I like this more too, and on discussion sites it seems to be more toxic people…
        Thanks, glad you understand…! 🙂 I know, I was trying that too but it didn’t help much and I just couldn’t ignore. It hurts me when people don’t see your true intentions… We all make mistakes and that’s ok but there is a problem with the ones who never understand… 😐

        • In my case it has never paid off in terms of earning. I might return to it but I am not good in replying or commenting to too much discussion.
          True we all make mistakes but understand is b important element for our survival and in staying in harmony.

          • Wow, I thought you were earning enogh there… Oh, I know, it’s exhausting………! 😐
            Yes… Unfortunately some people are not able to understand us, that’s the problem.

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