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My review of the movie Arrival!

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Amy Adams does a brilliant job in the movie Arrival. Both with the character she is playing, adding depth and understanding to a very difficult role. But also in the way she approached both the role and the movie.

I enjoyed seeing the movie in the theaters. It is one of those movies that you watch once and then have to watch it again. There are so many things you don’t see the first time, which you see the second time. I can’t wait to watch it again; I am sure there are things I missed the second time as well!

It has the tension of previous “the aliens” have arrived movies. But it also has a softer air of a movie focused not on aliens attacking and destroying earth but trying to understand both our world and us. The movie is set in a time stream that is fluid, not sure what else I can say about it beyond that.

Time is a language.

Overall the genre of the movie is Science Fiction but it is one that spans the genre, and non-SciFi fans can enjoy the movie as well.

Overall my rating of Arrival is a 4 out of 5.


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