Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Thursday, May 03, 2018

I started out with the first video about AVICII and exposing child trafficking, and this video lead me to two other musicians’ death, who were also exposing child trafficking. So, I went to the flow, from one video to the next to see where it will lead. These videos often talked about to “red pill the masses.” All the songs had a good upbeat music. Other info came up, such as the Lincoln Park site, Linkin Park band, CIA, MK-Ultra mind control, and Mike Posner and his song.

Red Pill is defined as “…your last chance…no turning back…,” which has to do with waking up to the truth and independent thinking because you prefer to live the truth, no matter what the truth actually is, while the blue pill is about taking the easy way out and preferring the life of stupidity, where you believe whatever you want to believe because you can’t deal with the truth.

#1 DJ Avicii Exposing PEDOPHILE RING

This video is about AVICII was found dead after he was working on exposing and destroying the elite pedophile ring. This man talks about AVICII was against the child trafficking problem going on worldwide.  I wasn’t sure what “red pill the masses” was because I never really followed mainstream media shit. I just checked out stuff for fun and I made up my own decisions about what was presented to me. AVICII wasn’t really into the money because he already had more then he needed, which is an indication why he was seeking for a more spiritual and peaceful life after his retirement at 28. This video also adds, according to this person’s research, that the Vatican Jesuits had to do with Tim Bergling’s death.

#2 Avicii and the elite pedophile rings

This video also states that his death doesn’t appear natural, and it is most likely tied to him exposing the elite pedophile ring. This video also talked about his main job was to “red pill the masses,” which is an indication that he was working for the Illuminati to distract the masses, but he preferred his charity work and exposing child trafficking. They also talk about similar things happening with the late Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, in which I am not even sure who they are.

Lincoln Park, in Canada, is a CIA MK-Ultra site for doing mind control, traumatizing, and torturing children. And, I guess, this late Chester Bennington was a musician with the band Linkin Park.

#3 Mike Posner “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Mike Posner and the song, I took a pill in Ibiza.” There is disillusionment about the success in the media and all the money they received.

 I also decided to check out one of the Linkin Park music videos, and I noticed that this music is good. I also watched a music video, where Chris Cornell sang with Chester Bennington, and I think they both have good singing voices, even though I have never heard of them when they were alive. 

They are all good music, although I wasn't aware of these musicians before. I think that the controversial artists who are exposing the truth about certain causes are not promoted by the Zionist Media who often prefers artists that promote their Zionist Agenda, such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and other annoying crap that I never followed anyway.

#4 Avicii – For A Better Day

AVICCI song, For a Better Day, is a dark and disturbing video about child trafficking, where old men buy kids, and two of these kids grow up to take their revenge by going after their molesters, hanging them, and then branding them “PEDOFILIA.”

 This video reminds me of the movie Sleepers, which is similar and based on a true story of 4 boys who were sexually and physically abused while they were in a boys reform school for accidentally killing a food vendor in NYC. The movie Sleepers is also very disturbing, but it was still a good movie.


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