Many things are happening online that make children feel ashamed or secretive about what they’ve seen or experienced. A local pedophile was caught in a child-grooming sting operation recently and this gave rise to al sorts of questions being asked about just how safe the Internet really is.  

Without inundating readers with a whole range of counter-measures to take, I have selected just a few more critical points to consider:

* Encourage children to tell you about anything that makes them uncomfortable.

* Fear of a parent or guardian being cross is often more frightening than the uncomfortable experience they’ve had online, but that is what some nasty people will count on. 

* Talk to your children about what they are doing online and encourage them to use the SMART rules at all times. 

* Consider placing the computer in a shared room of the house so its use does not become secretive and hidden. 

* Make your online use a family affair.

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  1. I would be very worried if I had children today about what they do and see and hear on the Internet. But then again I would raise my children to use the Internet only for several hours and teach them good old-fashioned playing

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